Gifts gone by

We can create fun and interesting corporate gifts for your clients – to get an idea of what we can offer – just look at what we do for our own clients!

Christmas gives us the chance to shine and celebrate with gifts that express our individualistic sense of the season, but are practical enough to use all year round.

Bottoms Up – 25th Anniversary Methode Traditionelle 2014
How to celebrate a quarter century of wonderful clients and great work? Sometimes the traditional way is best. 
You can never have too many  – T-shirt 2013 (caps?)
Always requested - always delivered (or begged, stolen or borrowed.)
Happy Days Are Here – Magnet Calendar 2012
A reminder to make the most of every day and live in the moment - and of course to plan for tomorrow.
Deck the Hall – Celebration Banners 2011
All the way from Mexico, for some decorative flair.
Now Where Did I Put Those? – Keyring 2010
Often the key to success is just finding yours.
A brand worth wearing – T-shirt 2009 (caps?)
In all colours, shapes and sizes - much like our clients.
Reading & Relaxation – Book and Towel 2008
The perfect pair for summer.

Bottoms Up – 25th Anniversary Methode Traditionelle 2014

How to celebrate a quarter century of wonderful clients and great work? Sometimes the traditional way is best. 

You can never have too many – T-shirt 2013

Always requested - always delivered (or begged, stolen or borrowed.)

Happy Days Are Here – Magnet Calendar 2012

A reminder to make the most of every day and live in the moment - and of course to plan for tomorrow.

Deck the Hall – Celebration Banners 2011

All the way from Mexico, for some decorative flair.

Now Where Did I Put Those? – Keyring 2010

Often the key to success is just finding yours.

A brand worth wearing – T-shirt 2009

In all colours, shapes and sizes - much like our clients.

Reading & Relaxation – Book and Towel 2008

The perfect pair for summer.

Getting Carried Away – Satchel 2007

When camels aren’t available and the pack horses have gone on holiday – a must have for those busy people needing an extra bit of room to fit their Christmas shopping!

Glow On – Lamp 2006

An alternative to Rudolf’s red nose – a gift to light up your life and see your way through Christmas and beyond.

Good Time – the most precious gift of all – Clocks 2005

As we all know in this age of work-life balance (or not) time is of the essence. The design of this year’s gift explores the often short life of a butterfly, spending quality time with the ones you love – we hope it’s a gentle reminder to make the most of every day.

Hang Ten – Jandals 2004

Adding our stamp to a kiwi summer classic. Just what you need for walking on sunshine.

A drink for all seasons – Glasses 2003

Keep your cool all year around with a glass of something refreshing. Included our pick of classic cocktail recipes too.

Peace & Goodwill – Coasters 2002

A gentle reminder of what Christmas should mean in our war-torn world.

Be our guest – Towels and Soap 2001

Very handy for making everyone feel welcome in the smallest room.

Fresha – Serviette Dispenser 1999

For a fresher, cleaner face, wherever you happen to be dining.

Condiments of the season – Salt & Pepper shakers 1998

Spicy and surreal packaging to support our offering – design and advertising to suit different tastes.

Lucky Sleep – Pillowcases 1997

Auspiciously embroidered pillowcases. Sweet dreams are made on these.

You’re Welcome – Doormat 1996

Whether you’re coming or going, you'll always get a friendly response from our team.

Hospitality – Tray 1995

But wait, there’s more – so serve it up in style.

Kiwiana Kleen – Tea Towel 1994

You wash, we’ll dry – it’s all about working together.

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Iconic New Zealand film now on dvd

1970 saw the World Expo held in Osaka. Expo '70 was a showcase for world culture and innovation, which brought the latest in technology, design and architecture to the Japanese city.

A significant part of the New Zealand exhibition was a film crafted to showcase New Zealand's technology, people and landscape to the world.

This is New Zealand showed to more than 6,000 people per day from March to November.

It was one of the most popular films there, both for its spectacular three-screen image and triple track sound techniques, and for its equally engaging content.

Produced by the National Film Unit and directed by Hugh Macdonald, the film was technically ambitious and visually rich.

In 1971, after the special projection equipment used to show This is New Zealand was shipped back from Japan, and cinemas in each of the four main centres were specially modified to hold it, the film ran for nine months across the four cities, with over 400,000 people seeing it at the time.

It was a national sensation!

In 2006 Park Road Post Production created a high-quality standard cinema wide-screen anamorphic 35mm print of This is New Zealand. This kept the three-screen format of the original but could be screened in any contemporary large-screen cinema. This version was screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2007, and also at the New York Festivals, where it won a bronze award in the multi-screen category, although competing with the latest film styles and technologies.

In 2009 Hugh began working with Archives New Zealand (the current owner of the film) to produce a DVD containing a re-mastered version of This is New Zealand along with a 60 minute documentary on the making of the film and its restoration nearly four decades later.

Hugh was recently interviewed by Kim Hill at Radio New Zealand where they discussed the DVD redux, the film's fantastic music and soundtrack, the impact the film had on the nation and the special place this film holds in New Zealand's cultural heritage. Listen to the Radio New Zealand interview.

For more information about Hugh and to buy your own copy of This is New Zealand, please visit Hugh's website.

Back story—connection with Mission Hall

Account manager Chris Mahoney has long since wanted to see This is New Zealand after missing it at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2007.

Learning at that time that a DVD release was imminent, Chris contacted Archives New Zealand in 2009 to find out more. After e-mailing for some years Chris was finally contacted by Archives to see if Mission Hall would be interested in designing the DVD redux packaging. A meeting was set up with Hugh and a close relationship was formed with the director to produce a design befitting this beautiful film.

This is New Zealand cover

Chris and Norris emanate a quiet empathy for and insight into their clients’ requirements. They abstain from hyperbole and overstatement and in so doing get to the core what is required in good visual communications and design. In our case, with their work on the DVD release of This is New Zealand, the end result has been nothing short of stunning and has attracted much favourable comment.

Hugh Mcdonald

This is New Zealand cover




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New Zealand and the First World War 1914–1919

Read what the press are saying about the book

Q&A with Damien Fenton featured in the DomPost
Mike Crean's review featured in the DomPost



Hundreds of hours of design time went into ‘New Zealand and the First World War, 1914–1919’ – a substantial and compelling book which encapsulates the history of New Zealand’s involvement in WW1.

Saturated in imagery and information, the book will serve as a resource to stand repeated viewing and allow readers to discover something new each time they open it.

The book can be approached on a number of levels so people of all ages and stages of knowledge can easily access the material contained.


The photography is balanced with the substantive text. Select images have been enlarged and allowed to bleed off the page to bring readers in closer to the scenes portrayed. Soft edges on images and text wrapping are used to flow the content together. Pockets containing cards, letters and maps enable an immersive, 3D scrapbook-like, experience.



Working closely with Penguin Books NZ, Mission Hall designed and set out the entire book, ephemera and coverslip, selecting typefaces, graphic frames and page elements to help the book 'belong to' and feel authentic to the Art Nouveau period of WWI.

The approach to the complex layout process began with rough layouts to allow the author; editor and publisher get a feel for the placement of images and fit of the text, which would allow quick and agile changes. The process took more than five months with subsequent rounds of refinement, managed competently and efficiently by Mission Hall’s project management team, headed by Sam Ogden.

“It was great honour to work on this wonderful publication, which will be a focus for the Centenary of Remembrance for WW1. I really enjoyed being able to immerse myself in this fascinating and pivotal part of our history.” Senior Designer, Norris Childs, Mission Hall



“Mission Hall displayed extraordinary creativity and unerring commitment throughout what became an extremely involved project. They went over and above to produce an immaculate publication – one that not just delivered on the brief, but exceeded it. We at Penguin could not be more thrilled with the end result.” Commissioning Editor, Non-fiction, Jeremy Sherlock, Penguin Books NZ

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Peter Farrell is not the first person to discover he is illegitimate, but few have been brave enough to provide such an illuminating account of the events that led to the search for a parent.

This rich and compelling memoir reveals a surprising personal history behind an apparently conventional life. Through Peter’s mother Marion, we are taken from an East End munitions factory in the First World War and a 1920s mental health institution to the bohemian free school movement, and we learn what sacrifices a mother can make for her child. Peter’s own life experiences are forged on a childhood of institutional living with little concept of normal family life. As a new immigrant sent to work on a remote prison farm in New Zealand, it takes Peter many years and encounters to finally understand what Māori mean by the word ‘whānau’. The Lie That Settles is a powerful story of loss, love and survival spanning nine decades and two continents.


“I have just read The Lie That Settles and I write at once to say I was moved by it (to tears) and how full of admiration that you took the journey you did and have told the tale so well.” – Michael King on reading an early draft

“I loved the book. I was interested, absorbed and often very moved.” – Dame Fiona Kidman

“An impressive work. A huge journey full of wonder, sadness, hope and consciousness. It captured me completely.” – Norman Bilbrough

“A thoroughly engaging and affecting family story.” – Graeme Lay


Listen to Peter's interview with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon here.

Read the Unity Books launch article here.

Read Beattie's Book Blog launch article here.

Overview from the designer

The Lie that Settles is an excellent read. It tells the tale of Peter Farrell’s triumphs and struggles during his extraordinary life. The design of the book had to reflect this incredible story.

To create a timeless, easy to read layout for the text I used Adobe Garamond, one of the many early typefaces renowned for its use in book publications. Visually engaging chapter numeric numbers help create a striking elegancy and simplicity, while the chapter headings are done in capitals to give them importance.

The book is divided into three parts with an image that heralds and encapsulates each section.

By placing the other images and family photos throughout the book relative to the narrative, the reader is able to engage visually with the account and give an intimacy into the story being told.

I wanted the cover to speak to the audience and capture the essence of the story being told. Upon reading the book I discovered there was an air of the unknown and mystery surrounding Peter’s life. The image of Peter on his bike, in a park or driveway, is a lovely image of a young boy on his way, setting off on his life journey, which I feel captures the book perfectly.”

Rebecca Horrocks, designer

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Te Papa Press 100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

Another great book design collaboration between Te Papa Press and Mission Hall, the rich content and stunning photography make it hard to put down.

Based on the popular TV mini-documentaries,100 Amazing Tales  from Aotearoa gives insights into some of the most exceptional, historic and bizarre objects  Te Papa Tongarewa houses.

Twelve months in the making, this beautiful book takes pride of place in our bookshelf and makes a wonderful gift.

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ETERNITY the film

We’re proud to support ETERNITY by providing the design for the title, graphics, website, PR booklet and posters.

Mission Hall has been nominated for best poster design in the 2013 New Zealand Film Awards.

The complete list of nominations can be viewed at the NZ Film Commission website. The Awards will be presented in Auckland on December 10 and streamed live at The New Zealand Herald.

Filmed in New Zealand and Hong Kong, this second feature from director Alex Galvin is both visually stunning and epic in scope. To date the film has received five international film festival selections.

Set in the near future, a police detective, Richard Manning, is taking part in a futuristic computer game investigating the most difficult case of his career: the seemingly impossible locked room murder of a wealthy property investor. The more he investigates, the more complex the case seems to become. Richard begins to realize that there is far more going on than just one mystery, and his own future is at stake. His only chance to escape the game depends on him solving everything – and quickly.


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We think it’s blooming terrific that Raumati South primary school has been selected to compete against adult’s gardens at Ellerslie International Flower Show. Raumati South’s enviroschool’s garden features a bicycle driven water pump, a pizza oven and an African keyhole garden.

After the competition the garden will be gifted to Wharenui School in Christchurch – an enviroschool without a garden. We’re proud to help the garden grow, by providing the design elements and help raise funds to make it possible.

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We were delighted to be invited to design the first Trade Me Annual Report.

The brief was to produce a companion document to the initial public share offering document, one which was accessible and easily navigated. The design followed the initial public share offering document and included desktop and mobile websites and a printed document.

Our work encompassed document design and layout, design and advice on web architecture, management of illustrations and print.

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16 November 2012 — 15 February 2013

Contemporary New Zealand artists respond to Katherine Mansfield's evocative written descriptions. The exhibition is now showing at Katherine Mansfield Birthplace 25 Tinakori Road, Wellington.

Recent newspaper articles: Cook Straight News 26 November 2012 (JPG 195KB)

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Building on the success of previous campaigns aimed at ‘consumers’ to encourage corporate sponsorship to enable the campaign to continue by raising $100,000. As in previous years there is a significant participation from third parties who fundraise at a community level.

 The advertising objectives include inspiring a movement using the ribbon as a symbol of commitment and social change. The campaign must support all the initiatives in place, it must be integrated and connect emotionally with audiences and stakeholders.

We developed a print media campaign to run nationally. The imagery uses strong, heroic portraits of men who are already White Ribbon ambassadors. These men must make a commitment to the cause and be vetted as to their integrity and suitability. They come from very different backgrounds in order to appeal to the diverse audiences – the idea being that violence occurs across the society. We developed the line ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO STOP VIOLENCE TOWARDS WOMEN? Supported by ACT, JOIN, DONATE to engage participation and provide a call to action. We enabled the creative to be used seamlessly and cost-effectively across multiple platforms such as adshels, posters, websites and Facebook. Updated White Ribbon Ride poster for motorcycle groups - the Patriots and Te Ahi Kikoha – whose routes span New Zealand from Bream Bay to Bluff. 

The White Ribbon campaigners have reported a rise in reports of domestic violence. Ambassador numbers are up from 1 in 2009 to 49 in 2012. Community events are up from 89 in 2009 to 197 in 2011. Website hits are up 30,188 in 2009 to 58,910 in 2011. Awareness of the brand White Ribbon is at 45%. 2012 TBA.


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Freshly launched Clean Tech Trust NZ is building an innovative economy by investing in clean technology.

By attracting and providing co-investment funding for commercial scale clean technology projects the Trust's shared services include skill-matching, scale up technology support, on park and onshore engineering, offshore manufacturing channels, market assessment and validation and communication technology.

They also have the all-important profile-building marketing, packaging and IP protection expertise at hand to promote growth, sales, export and manufacturing. We designed their identity, website and will continue to provide collateral and partner with their eco-innovators when it comes to marketing their products.

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Our congratulations go to Im-Able after their win at the prestigious Wellington Gold Awards 2012. 

Im-Able took out the gold award in the Emerging Gold category for their stroke recovery programme.

Web and brand design by Mission Hall Creative.

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A survivor's tale

Our short documentary for Ministry for Culture & Heritage about US Navy signal man, Frank Zalot — survivor of the tragic Paekakariki Incident in 1943 where 10 men drowned — is complete. We are proud to be able to bring this piece of history to the small screen.

Recent newspaper articles: Dominion Post 29 May 2012 (JPG 1.2 MB), Kapiti Observer 4 June 2012 (JPG 1.0 MB), Kapiti Observer 26 July 2012 (read).

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Join the White Ribbon Ride

White Ribbon Day

The White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign is the first male-led campaign to end violence against women in the world. It encourages men to take a stand and say that violence, in any form, is never acceptable.

In December 1999, the 54th session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 54/134 declaring November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Since then the White Ribbon Campaign has spread to countries on every continent.

The Families Commission has been instrumental in running the very successful New Zealand campaign. The Families Commission’s vision is to end family violence. White Ribbon offers men the opportunity to lead the change and reject violence in our society.

The White Ribbon Mission

Mission Hall has been responsible for the design and messaging for the White Ribbon campaign since 2005 when the Families Commission introduced the world-wide campaign to New Zealand.

White Ribbon Day Poster in situ

The campaign has grown with the distribution of more than 500,000 white ribbons, adshels, posters, teeshirts, stickers and other collateral. Around 100 public events are held in November, including the White Ribbon Motorcycle Ride and there is year-round support in communities throughout New Zealand.

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge that the wearer does not excuse violence against women, and is committed to supporting community action to stop violence by men against women.

Mission Hall top door

Mission Hall is proud to support the campaign to end family violence.

Find out more about the Families Commission White Ribbon Day campaign and how you can be a part of the solution:

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Miriama Grace-Smith

Miriama Grace-Smith, Massey University, Fine Arts Student.

We’re going back
to our roots

We’re reaching out from behind our computer screens to nurture an intern who paints and draws.

Here is a selection of her wonderful work:

Miriama's works

(Left to right)
Youth, 2010
Haiti, 2010
In My Head, 2009
Samoa Tsuna mi, 2010

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100 Years of Flight in New Zealand

An amazing photographic journey through 100 years of New Zealand aviation, Flight tells the story of New Zealand's enduring love affair with flight!

Design & typography by Mission Hall Creative – another triumph!

Flight spreads

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Asylum Pieces DVD

Asylum Pieces

A film by Kathy Dudding

It was an honour and a privilege to design the DVD packaging for this creative and acutely observed documentary, made by a very talented filmmaker who died just after this film was screened to great acclaim at the 2010 New Zealand International Film Festival.

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SWANZ New Zealand Writers Guild Logo


SWANZ logo

Writers deserve much more recognition and the New Zealand Writers Guild is ensuring this will happen with these prestigious new awards. We’re proud to sponsor SWANZ and the NZWG.

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Art at Te Papa book cover

Typograhy Triumph!

We’re seeing double after taking out the Pindar Award for Best Typography at last night’s Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) Book Design Awards with Art at Te Papa (published by Te Papa Press). Grant Sutherland was the key designer and Chris Mahoney the account manager.

Old Hu-Hu book coverAlso a winner on the night, was Mission Hall designer Michael Greenfield, whose work on Old Hu-Hu won the Scholastic New Zealand Award for Best Children’s Book. Old Hu-Hu is a collaboration with Michael’s partner, illustrator, Rachel Driscoll. Earlier in the year Old Hu-Hu also won the Supreme Award at the New Zealand Post Book Awards.

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ProDesign article

Two Birds’ design takes off

ProDesign cover

The brand and website design for our client, line production company Two Birds, has brought acclaim from the highest quarters…

Read the full ProDesign article here (PDF).

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NZ MarketingMission Hall is profiled in the May/June issue of New Zealand Marketing Magazine.

From NZ Marketing Magazine, May/June 2010.

Mission Accomplished

Special Group is just starting out on its journey as an independent agency. And this journey is one that full-service in-house design agency Mission Hall knows all about. The founding ideals of the Wellington company, which is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, were simple: be loft dwelling commercial artists, indulge their penchant for funk and wear fingerless gloves. It still retains these core values, but with slightly more appreciation of the commercial realities involved in the creative arts.

Like Special Group, the three founding partners had worked for bigger agencies but wanted to move in a different direction rather than continue to be designers in ‘the machine’.

“There weren’t a whole lot of small design agencies around 21 years ago. You were either a big fish or a freelancer,” says the only remaining founding partner, Eion Abernethy. “Through the 90s it has become a lot more populated with people starting out.”

The agency, which has a client list that includes the Families Commission, Maritime New Zealand and Tohu Wines, even lays claim to being one of the first companies in the country to own an Apple Mac, an SE30, which cost a whopping $9,483.76 in 1989. The changes in technology have done wonders for widening the creative scope of design, says Abernethy, and being able to manipulate, tweak and change images through a design or creative process is an amazing achievement.

“To be that hands-on with technology is a super-amazing thing compared to 20 years ago. You didn’t really have the flexibility or ability to craft a piece of work right through to the end point, which is what we're able to do now.”

Technology aside, one thing you won't find changing is Mission Hall’s focus on remaining small.

“What I find stimulating is working with a really great, small group of people that create really good ideas and get really good outcomes, without necessarily being an empire builder. I’ve always wanted to be independent,” he says. And proving that after 21 years Mission Hall is still at the top of its game, it has recently been nominated for a creative gold in the Wellington Region Gold Awards, which have previously been won by companies like Icebreaker, Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, Kiwibank, Te Papa, phil&teds and Sidhe Interactive.

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Jasmin McSweeney from NZ Film accepts her prize of wine and chocolates for being so quick to answer that we’re a Creative Gold finalist in the Gold Awards.

Other winners were Lesley Regan from NZTA and Jarrod Baker from Families Commission.

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Gold Awards finalists announced

from left: Eion Abernethy from Mission Hall, Malia Johnston from World of Wearable Art, Rachel Taulelei from Yellow Brick Road, and composer Rhian Sheehan. Photo: ROBERT KITCHIN / The Dominion Post

We’ve Struck GOLD!

Gold Awards logo

Mission Hall is a finalist in the 2010 Gold Awards.

Previous category winners include Flight of the Concords, Gibson Group and Park Road Post


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Two Birds 1

Two Birds off the ground

The sky’s the limit for two of the country’s most experienced producers, Nikki Walker and Mary Wall. Together they have more than 40 years experience in getting film and television productions off the ground. They have just formed what will be New Zealand’s sharpest line producing company.

TWO BIRDS’ first project is a job for Mercedes Benz China, for BBDO Beijing. Directed by Sng Tong Beng through Window Productions, Sydney, it will be shot in Zurich and in Queenstown.

“Our team has an unparalleled reputation for delivery, both in New Zealand and internationally – our knowledge about our beautiful, unique, varied locations and their close proximities mean we can offer really cost-effective options for any shoot,” says Mary.

“Overseas clients take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates and the convenience of opposite seasons. Our pecking order ensures clear lines of communication throughout the project,” says Nikki.

Two Birds

TWO BIRDS believe that while they have great relationships with New Zealand directors they want to spread their wings and offer their services to a wider audience.

They are hoping to attract more business from overseas as well as here in New Zealand with a charming and engaging website designed by Mission Hall Creative.

“The TWO BIRDS site is one we are very proud to be involved with. To successfully convey the wealth of knowledge and skills these two very skilled producers offer will be an ongoing project, with plenty of great new stories to tell as their business takes off,” say designer, Mike Greenfield, and account manager, Chris Mahoney.

View the Two Birds case study, or visit the Two Birds website…

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RAR The Book cover

Top 100!

Another success story for Mission Hall and its clients – Real Art Roadshow: The Book in The Listener 2009 Top 100.

A major initiative of the Real Art Roadshow and with a foreword written by Hamish Keith, it contains full colour plates of all works in the collection and is accompanied by accessible, insightful essays. This is available for purchase on the Real Art Roadshow website and at selected bookstores.

RAR The Book

Read the full article here (PDF 492 KB).

View the Real Art Roadshow case study, or buy the book online at

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New Zealander of the Year

Congratulations again

Mission Hall client Fiona Campbell, Director of the Real Art Roadshow received an Honourable Mention in the Arts and Entertainment category of North & South’s New Zealander of the Year.

From North & South, January 2010

Throughout the past 12 months, the North & South selection panel of writers and key contributors has been on the look-out for New Zealanders who’ve made this year theirs. From these, true local hero’s emerge.

Fiona Campbell

The recent publication of Real Art Roadshow: The Book (Craig Potton Publishing) marks the success of a mobile art project that has toured works by leading Kiwi artists to over 200 schools nationwide since 2007 – satisfyingly defying the Ministry of Education bureaucrats who initially pooh-poohed the fully funded initiative. Inspired by her fond memory of a school visit from New Zealand Symphony Orchestra percussionist Gary Brain, art curator Fiona Campbell personally funded the Real Art Roadshow so our senior school students could gain an appreciation of art from seeing the real thing, rather than a reproduction in a book or on a website. Each of two purpose built trucks converts into a 78sq m art gallery, showcasing the hand-picked collections of 126 post-1945 paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, jewellery and ceramic art. There are also engaging educational resources to accompany the show. The cost to schools? Exactly nothing.

RAR Truck

For information about the Real Art Roadshow visit

Fiona was also the recipient of the National Business Review Supreme Award. Read more…

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Fiona Campbell

National Business Review recognises a truckload of NZ art with Supreme Award

Fiona Campbell, New Zealand’s youngest major arts philanthropist and director of the Real Art Roadshow, has won the Supreme Award at the 12th National Business Review’s Sponsorship of the Arts Awards.

The Real Art Roadshow visits schools for free and comprises one of New Zealand’s largest traveling art exhibitions. The exhibition is housed in two huge trucks that each unfold to form two 78 square metre ‘galleries’. Each ‘gallery’ displays over 60 pieces of original art by a cross-section of established and emerging New Zealand artists, including Don Binney, Seung Yul Oh, Robyn Kahukiwa, Pat Hanly and Fiona Pardington.

“It’s a huge honour to receive the Supreme Award and also great recognition for the artists involved. I’d really like to thank the National Business Review for acknowledging the work we’ve done so far. With more sponsorship and corporate involvement the Real Art Roadshow could do even more,” said Fiona Campbell.

The two collections of outstanding New Zealand art have toured over 200 secondary schools nationwide during 2008 and 2009 and were open to the public during school holidays – with over 100,000 visitors in all. Real Art Roadshow will continue touring for the next eight years.

“This is a visionary project not only in its inception but in the way that it allows for other sponsors to become involved in a local, regional or national capacity,” said NBR Arts writer and judge convener, John Daly-Peoples.

A major part of the initiative is Real Art Roadshow: The Book which tells how and why Fiona came up with the concept of the Real Art Roadshow. With a foreword written by Hamish Keith, it contains full colour plates of all works in the collection and is accompanied by accessible, insightful essays. This is available for purchase on the Real Art Roadshow website and at selected bookstores.

Fiona believes it is important that the Real Art Roadshow engages, stimulates and inspires, teachers and students alike, as many students in remote areas have never been to an art gallery.

“Access to real art adds a completely new dimension for many students by giving them the opportunity to experience the scale of the works, their colour, texture and detail,” said Fiona. “I’m incredibly passionate about all young New Zealander’s seeing our great art. School students are tomorrow’s artists, viewers and collectors,” she said.

RAR Truck

For information about the Real Art Roadshow visit

For information about the 12th National Business Review’s Sponsorship of the Arts Awards contact John Daly-Peoples on 027 274 1302.

The National Business Review Sponsorship of the Arts Awards 09

Fiona also received an Honourable Mention in the Arts and Entertainment category of North & South’s New Zealander of the Year. Read more…


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Troy Hunt 1

Troy Hunt 2

Troy Hunt

Grass roots music – straight from Kapiti

Seeing potential on his backdoor step, Brendon King (VMax), launched into promoting local artist Troy Hunt – an up and coming musician from Kapiti.

Using local talent including photographer Paddy Riley, we’ve designed two limited release promotional CD’s of Troy’s fresh recordings; and webpage.

Not shy of supporting NZ music, Wellingtonians have been clambering to get copies of the limited edition CD, and with live performances booked in for summer, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Troy Hunt.

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The Temperature of Water

Rippling success

Linda Niccol is making a splash with her new short story collection – The Temperature of Water. Launched at Thorndon Pool, this is Linda’s second book of tantalising short stories to accompany Geometry of Desire, her first short story collection.

A successful collaboration between Mission Hall (production), Alistair Lang (cover design) and publisher, Silver Owl Press, The Temperature of Water is sure to make waves in bookstores near you.

Linda at the Thorndon Pool book launch

“…I think this is CK Stead’s literary god-daughter. One of the things I like about Linda’s writing is you are propelled forward – there’s always tension in her writing.” David McGill, Silver Owl Press

Thorndon Pool book launch

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The Geometry of Desire book cover

The Geometry of Desire

Love can come at you from all sorts of angles…

“The title story is short and exquisite. It is about one of those relationships that exclude the rest of the world and both of the partners feel that the other one is perfect. To her credit, Niccol does not kill off these fantasy characters when she has the chance and leaves us to believe that this kind of love affair is possible.” Sophie Fern, Otago Daily Times, 17 December 2005

“They’re fearless stories too. Niccol takes risks with style, allusion and structure, and mostly it works. There’s a rueful, razory humour: meet Brian the regressive number-plate collector; Ollie and Claudia the city sophisticates out of their depth with a possum.” David Hill, Listener 18 February 2006

“Anyone reading the title of this book and looking for something a bit sexy will be disappointed. But they shouldn’t be. The Geometry of Desire is a collection of short stories about relationships and is at times poignantly and exquisitely tender. At other times Linda Niccol is clever and funny. Through her stories I think Niccol is exploring the meaning of love and incredibly enough she, through her well thought out and very ‘normal’ characters, actually comes up with some answers.” Mayor Bob Harvey, Waitakere City Council website, 13 April 2006

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The Wind Blows by Katherine Mansfield promotional material

The Wind Blows by Katherine Mansfield promotional material

Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

Keeping Katherine Mansfield’s memory alive

We helped capture the life and times of Katherine Mansfield’s Thorndon by designing promotional material for a new exhibition curated by The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society.

Among the material was a specially published short story – The Wind Blows – and a set of postcards that uses images from the exhibition encased in packaging inspired by an ornate wallpaper design from the house. We also designed and typeset the text component of the exhibition now on display.

The postcards are for sale at Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, 25 Tinakori Street, Wellington.

The Wind Blows by Katherine Mansfield promotional material

The Wind Blows by Katherine Mansfield promotional material

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White Ribbon Day poster

White Ribbon Day poster

Get behind White Ribbon Day

Building on the success of past White Ribbon Day campaigns, we’ve created an even stronger brand and message that family violence (or any violence) is not acceptable in our society.

One-in-three women will be subjected to violence at some point in their life. Most of this violence will take place in the home. No family violence is acceptable and this year’s White Ribbon Day campaign focuses on the united front by men from all walks of life. Steve Logan is one of the men lending their support (and face) for the campaign and says “a real man's role is to take care of his family”.

“… thank you to everyone at Mission Hall for pulling out all the stops and once again helping make sure the campaign was a success. We couldn’t possibly do it without you!” Karlum Lattimore, Families Commission

White Ribbon Day postcard


White Ribbon Day billboard


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Enter the Dragon

Mission Hall Dragon

According to Chinese legend good dragons represent the aspirations of inspiration, wisdom, strength and good luck, all attributes Mission Hall likes to harness in our work. The dragon is also a sentinel, which warns off evil spirits, so we now feel safe in Kaiwharawhara Road with our new building tattoo.

The dragon, constructed from our halo mark, not only shows how far you can push a brand, it links to where the name Mission Hall originated; the Te Aro Chinese Mission Hall from which our founders set up in 1989.

You will notice our dragon doesn’t have five claws, it’s an ‘ordinary’ dragon, as legend also says the emperor would order the death of anyone caught inscribing the five clawed dragon without permission – we thought it prudent not to infringe that copyright.

The dragon gets around too – you’ll see it on our corporate vehicle.

Mission Hall Beetle

Mission Hall car graphic

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